Cholesterol Diet Program According to Dr. Oz’s International

Cholesterol is an enemy of the majority of people in Indonesia. High levels of cholesterol that is not controlled can lead to some dangerous diseases such as heart disease. The importance of controlling cholesterol levels in the body to inspire me to write how we choose the right dietary cholesterol and secure for all walks of life. This diet most of my adoption of a publication by Dr. International Oz has always provide useful information for health and fitness.

Diet Dr. Oz is always associated with a diet rich in nutrition and food choices that are low in calories, so I think this diet is suitable to be applied by the people of Indonesia. Selection of the type of food and proper nutrition this election may not be suitable for everyone, so maybe you need to consult the matter to the doctor / consultant of your diet if there are some foods that become taboo you.

I am always impressed with the event Dr. Oz, the material provided is always solid and easy to understand for most people. For their diet program is actually a simple step that may have never met on some health articles. Diet in this program is a health challenge to eliminate some unhealthy habits and sort choose some kind of food in order to avoid a surge in bad cholesterol is commonly referred to as LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) . Here is the big picture of how diet Dr. Oz you should do:

1. Choosing the Right Food

Sometimes we do not realize that the food is one of the contributors to the high rate of cholesterol in our bodies. Dr. Oz suggested that to start a diet program, you must be willing to give up some foods that lack nutritional content, contain no trans fats and have a high saturated fat content. Some examples of foods such as crisps, processed meat, fried foods included in the list of foods to avoid in this diet. I recommend to comply with the suggestion that this cholesterol diet can control the high rate of cholesterol in your body. Remember that your body is able to meet 80% of daily cholesterol produced by the liver.

2. Choosing Foods That Have Healthy Fats

Healthy fats sometimes commonly referred to as unsaturated fats, which usually becomes an alternative food when a person has been diagnosed as having high cholesterol. There are several types of foods that fall into the category of foods containing monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. The food is usually there in olives, olive oil, canola oil, grains, nuts and some types of fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids like salmon. Some time ago I had published an article about foods that can reduce cholesterol naturally . Read the article and familiarize yourself with the type of food is suggested that dietary cholesterol can be done well.

3. Select Food Rich Protein

After I studied the diet Dr. Oz to lower cholesterol, I realized that the program is suitable with the recommendation of the American Heart Association, which recommends the use of an alternative food to replace processed foods with meats such as sausage or steak . Both types of these foods are rich in protein but also high in cholesterol, so it would be better if you replace it with some kind of fish or poultry with a record discard the skin! Also avoid foods daleman organs such as the liver, kidneys and the brain because they are very high in cholesterol, sodium and saturated fat. Better familiarize yourself to consume other foods that contain other protein sources such as beans. may you can see

4. Prepare Your Food With Mature

Cholesterol diet program which campaigned by Dr. Oz turned out to be very detailed to discuss on how you should prepare your food without using fat. Example You can replace petroleum products hemani / animal fats with vegetable oils for the food manufacturing process. They also suggested that the method grill , roast better than a method of frying food. They also strongly advise not to use butter in the cooking process, instead you can use olive oil that has a content of unsaturated oils that can lower your cholesterol.

The fourth process above your daily diet is actually a compendium of several steps that must be followed in the cholesterol diet program that campaigned by Dr. Oz, you can start today after reading this article and apply with a 30-day lowers cholesterol who’ve discussed in other articles on this blog. Hopefully useful and beneficial for all

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